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What is a My Records Now Personal Health Records System?

The My Records Now represents an individual’s virtual lifetime personal health record repository. The solution is subscription based and thus belongs to the individual as opposed to the healthcare system. You own it, you control it, and you, not them, decide who your data is shared with.

Medical Statistics Unlike other personal health records solutions commonly called “Patient Portals”, this solution has the ability to import all your medical records from every other provider’s Patient Portal you may have received medical services from in the past. Once imported, the system consolidates them into one-time sequenced, unified longitudinal medical record.

Whether you choose to use the Web-based Portal or simply download and utilize the My Records Now Mobile App (IOS & Android), you have access, control and disposition of your data at your fingertips.

Valuation for Having a Subscription

Glen N. Feather, M.D.

"The value of having your medical history information available in an emergency can mean the difference between life and death in a worst-case scenario, or simply, prolonged recovery in other situations. The value of "information" about your allergies, what medications you're taking, past surgical procedures you've undergone, past or present illnesses' you've been diagnosed with, or simply relevant issues about your family's health history are all vital pieces of information that care providers need to know!"

Glen N. Feather, M.D.

Do it for Your Family

You owe it to your family to have every piece of medical related information available for use by care providers, whenever and wherever it is needed to include Directives as to what is to be done, and possibly more important, what is not to be done in the event of an emergency.

Whether the need be simply to provide a record of immunizations to the school nurse for your child or the results of an ultrasound on your wife to a physician with whom you are seeking a second opinion on a delicate matter, having this level of access, control and disposition of your medical data and that of your family is priceless. There’s a family subscription plan available making it affordable for any family, regardless of the size.

Do it for Your Employees

The My Records Now makes a wonderful addition to your existing employee benefits package. Dollar for dollar, it will outperform every other benefit you presently provide to your employees. Other than that, it could actually make the difference in the overall health of your employees and possibly, their families.

Contact GCI today to discuss how this solution coupled with other Health and Wellness related solutions will help your employees get healthy, stay healthy, and more productive than they have ever been. Contact Me To Discuss

Most Importantly, Do it for Yourself or a Loved One!

The health care system is changing. With the use of electronic medical records, there is more information being captured and recorded on individuals than ever before. The problem is most of this information is sitting in "silos" belonging to either the healthcare industry, State or Federal agencies, or others.

These systems do not talk to each other! If you need your data in an emergency situation in any place other than your local hospital-based physicians’ group, you or even your healthcare team most likely will never receive that data.

That doesn’t have to be the case. You can change that today!

More times than not these days, children grow up and eventually move away from their birth place they call home. Absent from their parents and their daily wellbeing is cause for undue stress and a feeling of helplessness.

What if you could not only communicate with them using video conferencing, but you could be wired in to every aspect of their health by way of being a named proxy to the My Records Now Portal. You could review their test results, encounter notes and care plan instructions from their care provider and even receive notifications when they should take their medication or take their blood pressure.

Just Think of the Possibilities!

Clinical Overview of the My Records Now Solution
(Secure HIPAA Compliant Data Repository)

  • Demographic Information
  • Emergency Information
  • Profile Photo
  • History of Procedures to include Results
  • History of Previous Illness and Conditions
  • Surgical History
  • Activities/Social History
  • Pregnancy Status
  • Family History
  • Allergies: Drug, Food and Environmental
  • Patient Directives (Living Wills etc.)
  • Medications Listing (Active & Inactive)
  • Immunizations and Date
  • Master Problem List
  • Lab and Diagnostics Results
  • History of Encounters with Physician notes
  • Home Health Management w/ Remote Monitoring & Intervention
  • Longitudinal Care Plan (Actions, Instructions and Patient Education Materials)
  • Supporting Medical Files to include Imaging, Report Findings, Lab Results etc. (Solution includes a Native Generic DICOM Imaging Viewer)

Other Functionality of the My Records Now Portal and My Records Now Mobile App

  • HIPAA and 2014 Stage II MU Compliant
  • eTelehealth Capable (Patient to Physician and Physician to Patient)
  • ISeeYouNow HD Video Conferencing
  • Symptoms Checker - Differential Diagnosis
  • Medical Resource Library to include Patient Education
  • Share Medical Records with Care Providers 5 Secure Methods (See Note 1)

Note 1 - Solution never “sends the actual data”. The Physician is brought to the data with the ability to view and download
Note 2 – The Data never resides on a user Mobile device. The App uses API’s from which to pull the data from the cloud-based repository to the user mobile device.

Examples of My Records Now” on an iPhone 10 (6 of 58 Screens)